FFF Southern Highlands Chapter

Founded in 1968, the Fellowship of First Fleeters has its headquarters in First Fleet House at 105 Cathedral Street, Woolloomooloo, an historic area of Sydney. Descendants of First Fleeters now live in all the states of Australia and overseas.

The Purpose of establishing chapters is to provide members and potential members the opportunity to become active in the Fellowship of First Fleeters in their local communities throughout Australia and the World. Many of the chapters conduct regular meetings and produce publications of interest as well as arranging guest speakers, tours and excursions.

The Southern Highlands Chapter was established at the inaugural meeting held on the 25th November, 2004 at the home of Valerie and Peter Collyer in Mittagong, with the support of Jean Mortimer, the FFF Chapter Liasion Officer at that time. The election of office bearers was conducted at the second meeting held on the 3rd February, 2005 at the CWA rooms in Mittagong. We are enormously appreciateive of the dedication of Valerie Collyer and the founding members of the Chapter, whose fervour and hard work enabled the Fellowship to be launched here in our community. The Southern Highlands Chapter was the eighth Chapter to be established and as of December 2014 there are a total of sixteen. Thirty First Fleet descendants attended the inaugural meeting, eighteen of these became the Chapter founding members and of these Gwen & Robert Herbert, Leonie Knapman, Howard Lewis, Svante Malberg, Patricia Robinson, Wendy Selman and Ted Westwood are still members of the Chapter.

Other members who have achieved 10 years of membership dating from our first year include; Graham & Helen Andrews, Pamela Cormick, Fiona & Chris Jowett, John & Rosemary Kirkby, Paul & Kath Kavanagh, Colin Selman and Neville Usher.

Header image: Landing Sydney Cove by Leslie A Wilcox.