First Fleeter Honour Roll

List of people who arrived at Port Jackson, NSW, Australia in the eleven ships of the First Fleet from England on the 26th January, 1788 and have one of the 44 financial members of the  FFF Southern Highlands Chapter as a descendant.

Name" Class"CrimeOriginal
John CrossConvictLarceny - animalD7 yearsUnknownEnglish
William DouglasConvictLarcenyT7 yearsUnkownEnglish
John MartinConvictLarceny - apparelT7 yearsUnknownBlack
John RandallConvictLarcenyT7 yearsLabourerNorth American
Edward RisbyConvictRobberyT7 yearsWeaverEnglish
Anthony RopeConvictLarceny - apparelT7 yearsLabourerEnglish
William TyrellConvictLarcenyT7 yearsUnknownIrish
Borrowdale (Store Ship)
James BloodworthConvictFelonyT7BrickmakerEnglish
William BroughtonServant to Surgeon John WhiteServant
John HerbertConvictAssault/Highway RobberyD7 yearsCaptain's ServantEnglish
James McManusMarine - Private Marine
Jane PooleConvictHousebreakingD7 YearsUnknownEnglish
John SmallConvictAssault/Highway RobberyD7 yearsBitt Maker-MarineEnglish
James SquireConvictLarceny - animalT7 yearsUnknownEnglish
Fishburn (Store Ship)
Thomas ChippMarine - PrivateMarine
Golden Grove (Store Ship)
Lady Penrhyn
Sarah BellamyConvictLarcenyT7WeaverEnglish
Olivia GascoigneConvictRobberyD7 yearsServantEnglish
Jane LangleyConvictLarcenyT7 yearsTambour WorkerEnglish
Hannah (aka Ana/Susannah) MullinsConvictFalse OathDLifeServantIrish
Mary ParkerConvictLarceny - apparelT7 yearsServantEnglish
Mary SmithConvictLarceny - apparelD7 yearsDressmakerEnglish
Prince Of Wales
Deborah EllamConvictLarceny - apparelT7 yearsUnknownEnglish
Mary GrovesConvictLarcenyT7 yearsUnkownEnglish
Catherine JohnsonConvictLarcenyT7 yearsNeedleworkerEnglish
Lydia MunroConvictLarcenyD14 YearsUnknownIrish
William NashMarine - Private
Maria Nash ( nee Haines ) wife of William NashFree
Elizabeth PulleyConvictBurglary - foodD7 yearsUnknownEnglish
Jacob BellettConvictLarcenyT7 yearsSilk WeaverEnglish
William BoggisConvictFelonyD8 yearsSeamanEnglish
James BradleyConvictLarcenyT7 yearsUnknownEnglish
Andrew GoodwinConvictLarcenyT7 yearsUnknownEnglish
Joseph HattonConvictBurglaryT7 yearsHawker-PedlerEnglish
Nathaniel LucasConvictLarceny - apparelT7 yearsCarpenter-JoinerEnglish
Fredrick MeredithSteward
John NichollsConvictLarcenyT7 yearsServant-GardenerEnglish
Charles PeatConvictAssault/Highway RobberyDLifeSeamanEnglish
William RobertsConvictLarcenyT7 yearsUnknownEnglish
James RuseConvictBurglaryD7 yearsFarmerEnglish
James Sheers/ShiersConvictAssault/Highway RobberyDLifeUnknownEnglish
James WrightConvictHighway RobberyD7 yearsUnknownEnglish
Joseph WrightConvictLarcenyT7UnknownEnglish
HMS Sirius
John GowenMarine - Corporal
William TunksMarine - Private
James WilliamsMarine - Private
HMS Supply

Image: The First Fleet Entering Port Jackson, January 26, 1788; Drawn 1888 by E. LeBihan. Cropped., the image is out of copywright, used here courtesy of the Mitchell library, State Library of New South Wales.
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