June Meeting 2015

Chapter General Meeting

Dr Christine Wright presenting: Waterloo Veterans in Australia

Chapter President Pamela Cormick opening the meeting.

Introducing the speaker Dr Christine Wright.

Members and guests at the meeting included one of our most senior members, Howard Lewis, who turned 90 this year, and historian Linda Emery.

Dr Christine Wright delivering her presentation on the Waterloo Veterans in Australia.

Dr Wright describing a medal from the battle of Waterloo.

Dr Wright taking questions from the audience.

Members and guests enjoying afternoon tea.

Howard Lewis talking with Pamela Cormick.

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dr_christine_wrightJune Guest Speakerwaterloo_3
Dr Christine Wright
Waterloo Veterans in Australia

June 2015 marks the bicentenary of the battle of Waterloo and, in a year that could well be marked by ANZAC overload, it is timely to look back a further hundred years to the ‘Great War’ of the 19
th century, and examine what impact it had on the Australian colonies.

Waterloo was a seismic event in world history, with long-lasting effects in many parts of the world, one of which was the end of more than 22 years of conflict in Europe.

As well as a sketch outline of the battle of Waterloo, and how and why these officers came to the Australian colonies, Christine Wright’s talk will focus on British army officers who fought at the battle of Waterloo, and who later settled in the Australian colonies.

Through examples drawn from the local area, and from the rest of New South Wales, she will examine the latest British army technical skills they brought with them, and how crucial these skills were to their later army and civil careers.