Chapter Membership


The Southern Highlands Chapter represents members of the Fellowship of First Fleeters (FFF) who live in the Southern Highlands of NSW and beyond, in the area around the towns of Mittagong, Bowral, Moss Vale, south west of Sydney, but there are no specific Chapter boundries. If you are a financial member of the Fellowship of First Fleeters you are welcome to become a member of a Chapter of your choice and to attend meetings of any Chapter Australia-wide.

Prospective members: can attend Chapter meetings, as a guest observer for the first few meetings, until becoming a registered member of the Fellowship.

Chapter membership is available to financial members of the FFF regardless of the membership category. An annual subscription applies.

Chapter membership fees: There is no additional fee for Chapter membership, the FFF subscription  covers Chapter membership. There is a fee when attending meetings to cover venue hire.

There are several categories of membership available to people who wish to join the Fellowship. There is no category for Chapter only membership.

Ordinary membership: only open to people who are able to prove they are a descendant of First Fleet convict, sailor, marine or Government Official.

Associate membership: the wife, husband or partner of a Full Member – must live at the same address.

Junior membership: only open to people under the age of 18 years who can prove descent from a First Fleet convict, sailor, marine or Government Official.

Student membership: only open to full-time students who can prove descent from a First Fleet convict, sailor, marine or Government Official.

Overseas membership: applies to the above membership categories for members who permanently live overseas.

Friend membership: is available to adopted or stepchildren who are eligible for Ordinary membership in their own right. People who have been unable to prove descent from a First Fleeter but have an interest in both the Fellowship and Australian history are eligible for Friend membership.

Pensioner membership: applies to Ordinary and Associate members who hold a Pensioner Concession Card.

Fees: Once you are notified your First Fleeter ancestry has been verified by the Fellowship office in Sydney you join and pay the annual fee which entitles you to the Fellowship benifits and the bi-monthly Founders magazine.

Proof of descent. The Fellowship is committed to assisting applicants completing their search for family-tree connections, often successfully connecting an application to existing family-trees to prove ancestry back to a First Fleeter.

Where an applicant has a relative who has already proven their line and been accepted as a member of the Fellowship, the applicant need only provide ‘certified’ evidence of their relationship to that person. Often certification exists in Fellowship files verifying the ancestral line.

We accept ‘transcripts’ of all certificates provided the information on them shows the relationship to an existing member or past member when these certificates are obtained from an accredited transcription agent.

Forms. FFF membership application forms are available on the Fellowship website. Click here.