Fellowship First Fleeters Southern Highlands Chapter

Meeting August 2016

71st Meeting ~ 10.30am, Wednesday 10th
Mittagong Community Centre
Chair: Pamela Cormick

Annual General Meeting followed by a General Meeting.

Chapter Chats

Rob Herbert– First Fleeter Deborah Ellam  [Click for presentation]

Dennis McManus – James McManus & Jane Poole

Chapter Secretary Wendy Selman and Chapter President Pamela Cormick delivering reports to members at the Annual General Meeting

Chapter President introducing member Dennis McManus, one of the "Chapter Chat" speakers at the meeting

"Chapter Chat" Speaker Dennis McManus

"Chapter Chat" speaker Rob Herbert

Chapter Secretary Wendy Selman taking booking for "Calendar Girls" and Mt Annan Botanic Gardens events

Members chatting around the "tea" table

Left to Right: Gwen Herbert, Rod Davis, Patricia Cormick and Glenda Miskelly

Colin Selman and Trish Scott-Wandmaker

Chapter Prisdent Pamela Cormick and Chapter Librarian Glenda Miskelly

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