ABC Sydney Studio Tour

19th July 2016

The tour to the ABC Studios in Sydney was a great success and was very interesting and entertaining.

We went in to Sydney by train, the 8:40 something from Bowral to Central, or much earlier from Goulburn if that is where you lived. Arrived Central at 10:30 something. This gave us plenty of time to get coffee and arrive at the ABC Studio in Harris Street Ultimo by midday for the one and a half hour back stage tour of studios and sets.

The tour group was split up into two smaller groups and taken around the 7:30 studio and control room, the Good Game set, the 702 studio, where the fans of James Valentine where able to get a wave and a smile from the man himself. We were able to see the Green rooms and the backstage floor where all the administration and research happens, then to the hair & makeup studio where hundreds of wigs are stored, followed by a visit to the small props studio to see some of the ghoulish creations, severed heads and other grotesquely disfigured body parts, made for various ABC productions. Finally back to the foyer and the “Fish Bowl” where Joe O’Brien anchors the news each week day morning – too late in the day to see him in action though. Our guides were ex ABC employees who volunteer to take tours through the cavernous complex, and they were very knowledgeable as you would expect and did a great job.

At the end of the tour there was plenty of time for lunch in the cafe and to eventually make our way back to Central station to catch the train home.

ABC Entrance
makeup studio
ABC Lobby
James Valentine studio 702
O'Brien News Studio
Joe O'Brien News Studio

Photographs are from the ABC website.