Conservatorium of Music, Sydney Tour

4th May, 2016

Abandoned government stables 1870. Originally built by Governor Macquarie between 1817 and 1821, it eventually became disused. The arched doorway in the centre was the carriage entry, the doorway further to the left was the horse entry.

A view of Sydney Cove from Dawes Point, by Joseph Lycett. The windmill in the centre in the site of the Government Stables built by Governor Macquarie

The the stable transformed into Conservatorium of Music, Sydney as it is today

Celebrating the Macquarie connection to the Conservatorium

Fellowship of First Fleeters Southern Highlands Chapter Tour Group


The archway through which horses entered what was the Government Stables built by Governor Macquarie between 1817 and 1821

Rehersal in the Verbrugghen Hall. The hall was built in what was the open space in the centre of the government stables

One of the wonderfully skilled young musicians, Anna Da Silva Chen, who entertained us in the Verbrugghen Hall

Display of artifacts found in the cistern during construction of the new building

The Bakery cistern discovered during excavation for the new building, cut down and placed on display, when discovered it was twice its current height.

Conservatorium guide James explaining how the Palmer Bakery cistern was found and setup as a permanent display in the new building

The excavation for the new building. The "column" to the right is the Bakery cistern

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